ICM report can be 60% faster

While running the Intercompany Matching System report, time can be spared. This can be done simply by not using the default option during the currency translations. We’ve seen the run time become much faster, from 35 minutes to only 5. How do you handle this?


Creating an Intercompany Matching report is about the translation of currencies. When running an ICM report, that is translating currencies, the default option is to write all translations to the database. This has, as you can imagine, a huge impact on the overall performance and the size of your database.

When we analyzed this process, we saw that for every translation a separate query/ update will be made to the database. Also, we saw that only one CPU is being used during this process. This takes more time and as a result creating the ICM report will take longer.

From 35 to 5 minutes

We did an extensive test with one of our clients. The ‘normal’ ICM took about 35 min to complete. After an adjustment in the ‘ICMSystemReportTranslationMode’, the same process only took 5 minutes to complete.

3 choices

In short, there are major performance differences based on your choice within the ICMSystemReportTranslationMode. This module has three options:

  • 0 – Default behavior; translated values are written to the database.
  • 1 – On-the-fly calculations use Sub Translate in rules, but no translated values are written to the database. Parent Entities in CN status will also be translated.
  • 2 – On-the-fly calculations only execute default translation, no Sub Translate rule. No changes are written to the database. Parent Entities in CN status will NOT be translated

How much time does this save you?

In our example the gain in performance was huge. With another client, we saw that the gain was ‘only’ 12%, but still worth the effort. It’s worth checking if this option will benefit you and to discover how much time can you easily spare within your own application.