Look forward

How do you monitor the coherence of your IT landscape? And what is the effect of technological and business changes on your application? Together, we can make balanced choices for a technical roadmap that matches the dynamics of your organization, and a data model that provides you with the right management information.
Balanced choices provide a coherent IT landscape


To ensure a clear information model, it helps to establish the principles. What requirements should new applications meet? Which guidelines do we use to look at new developments? Establishing a clear direction ensures cohesion in your IT landscape.

We see a trend in which Performance Management Applications are being deployed more and more throughout the whole organization. Previously, Performance Management was primarily a tool for finance. However, nowadays it is used by the whole organization for planning hours, materials and personnel. This development means that the original financial applications are now implemented and supported throughout the organization.
In addition, there are often many changes, both technical as well as in the business. How do you cope with these changes in your application without compromising the connection between all the available information?

The right roadmap

While assembling the right roadmap, various factors play a role. What are the possibilities of the latest technology, what does the business want and what are the links between the systems? Through our expertise with SAP BPC, Anaplan, Oracle Hyperion and Tagetik, we can analyze the essence of the business requirement. We make an informed assessment of the technical possibilities and analyze the implications for the application and the IT landscape.

As your strategic support partner, we work closely together, providing you with the information needed to make the right choices. Not during a full-time project, but with a series of connected changes. This helps you to implement and use SAP BPC, Anaplan, Tagetik Oracle or Hyperion successfully over a longer period.