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How to use dates in HFM

Sometimes, you might want to calculate figures based on dates in HFM. For example, to calculate ‘average sales per week’ based on the start and end date of a product. As HFM does not support out of the box functionality for entering dates, it might seem impossible to use dates. However, quite a lot is […]

Finding the figures; equity elimination and contribution in HFM

How exactly is a consolidation achieved? And how are equity elimination and contribution triggered? In short, how does the consolidation process find its way within HFM? In this blog, we take a look at the equity elimination and contribution. Let’s take a fairly simple organization structure with two subsidiaries (Europe_Sub and USA_Sub), a Holding and […]

How to manage your metadata quickly in HFM or Planning

Using the dimension editor in EPMA to quickly add multiple members is often a tedious and time-consuming job. It takes a lot of clicks and repetitive actions. Only think about when you have to add multiple aliases for the same member, or have to set the same user attribute over and over again for each […]

Magic & more… in Hyperion Planning

Apparently unexplained errors can arise during an installation or migration. Finding the reason for these errors may take a lot of time. However, the solution is often found in a tiny detail. In the “Magic & more” series, we share our discoveries with you. This time, we’ll discuss a detail in Hyperion Planning. We discovered […]

Stabilize your Oracle Hyperion environment

Experience shows that Oracle Hyperion environments perform in an adequate manner during implementation and right after going live. However, Hyperion applications are dynamic applications that tend to grow both in terms of data records and added functionality. How do you stabilize your Oracle Hyperion environment? After a certain amount of time, the growth of the […]

Latest updates and patches Oracle Hyperion – Q2 2017

Each quarter, Oracle releases patches for all its products, including your Hyperion products. And each quarter we give you an overview of the most important changes. Which patches are relevant to your organization? With this article, we will list the most recent patches for the Hyperion Products (HFM, Planning, Essbase, EPMA, Reporting, Foundation and Shares […]

How can you easily manage metadata in Oracle FCCS and PBCS?

Dimension maintenance can be time consuming. In Oracle FCCS and (E)PBCS – the Oracle EPM cloud products for consolidation and planning & budgeting – this is solved. The cloud products use Smart View to simplify managing your metadata. A new add-on, Smart View Add-On For Administrator, allows you to effortlessly add, remove and modify members […]

How to keep FDMEE tidy and three other FDMEE tips.

With FDMEE, a lot of new features were introduced. Some features are just improved functionality from FDM ‘Classic’, while other functionality is completely new. When migrating from FDM ‘Classic’ many people ‘forget’ to explore the new features. Often, you only make use of the new features which are necessary to import your data. Here are […]